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How to get NEWS in PDN mode.

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PDN is a newer feature of Wires-X. Wires-X does not support the "NEWS" function in PDN mode, only in HRI mode.  There is a way to receive NEWS in PDN mode from rooms with a work around.

First you want to make note of all the +DTMF codes of the rooms you want to get NEWS in, then close the Wires-X program.
list of wires x

Next you want to browse to "My Documents" or "Documents" and look for the directory called "WIRESXA"

In this directory you will likely only see a directory called "#99997" if you never used NEWS before in HRI mode.
Now all you have to do is create folders and name them the DTMF codes you noted above. Don't forget the # in the front!
            documents path

And now the last thing you need to do is go in to the #99997 folder and right click and COPY "ContentsMng.dat"
copy this file
Then back up one level and PASTE a copy of this file in to each of the new folders you just made.

Once you are finished reopen the Wires-X program, enter one of the rooms you made a folder for.
news button

Go to the Downloaded tab, and then click Refresh. I had to press it once, then wait a while and click it again for it to start downloading. You may also try closing and re-opening Wires-X to get this to start working.
click refresh

Yes this is very clunky and all, but it is better then no NEWS. If you enjoy NEWS please email Yaesu and ask them to add support for NEWS in PDN mode!

Special thanks to H0HCV. He helped me getting this going in PDN mode. Check out his website http://www.kansascityroom.com/  and his videos on using System fusion. 

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