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Ham Radio

BPQ Packet Node software. Runs on Pi, Linux, windows, *BSD. User Group.
    BBS style WALL script for BPQ.      Red's  Packet and BPQ blog.       Live BPQ Node map 

Packet Radio EPROM (Factory and aftermarket) BIN files. Including TheNet
Apple Packet Radio, by Fabio Viviani (aka APGENG2.DISK for the apple2)
How to get the "NEWS" feature of Wires-X to work in PDN mode.


Setup software for RS-LAWN Wireless RS232 adapters

Original DOS Software for the Parallax BASIC stamp 1 and 2   basic stamp 1


Panasonic Sr Partner Memory Expansion Guide (with jumper settings) PDF

CompatiCard II owners manual-Micro Solutions (XT FDC) PDF

Panasonic KX-TA824 PBX and TVS-50/80 manuals  PDF Zipfile


KERMIT for the Tandy m100 in basic
...and HOWTO get it on your m100

IBM PCjr Cartridge BASIC binary for burning to a real cart. File starts with 0x55 and 0xAA like its supposed to. On normal cartridge set CS5, put in ROM1. Loads at E8000

My Peertube instance on toobnix
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